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Advanced 4-Stroke Technology

Throughout the decades Honda has consistently designed and engineered 4-stroke

technology that is without parallel.

From the racetrack to the road to the Aussie backyard we are dedicated

to the challenge of applying new technologies and achieving top performance.

We believe engines shouldn't just be built to perform – they should do so with maximum efficiency and economy. That's the Honda Advanced 4-Stroke Technology difference, and that's why more and more Australians are choosing to upgrade to a Honda.


All Honda Mowers are environmentally friendly and have a reliable 4-Stroke engine which means no fuel mixing. We have electric, petrol, side chute and mulch options mowers within the Honda Range.

Honda makes the best selling 4-stroke Brushcutters in the world.

They are easy to use with its 360° "any-side-up" operation - use and store in any position and it includes safety goggles.

The world’s best-selling leisure generator just got a whole lot better! With 200W MORE power, the all-new Honda EU22i Generator can power more than ever before. Used for leisure, back-up power and for the job site, it really packs a punch!

The lightweight Honda HHB25 Blower is environmentally friendly with whisper quiet operation, low emissions & fuel consumption. The Honda blower runs on unleaded fuel meaning you won’t have to mix oil and petrol again. The Honda blower is contractor quality with an anti-suction fan cover, wind velocity of up to 252km/h and a 25cc 4-Stroke engine with a vibration isolation handle.

Honda Tillers are ground-breaking in every sense. With 5 different models to choose from, they are suitable for a wide range of jobs from heavy duty farm work to domestic gardening. All powered by an advanced 4-Stroke engines, our tillers make light work of turning the soil.

Honda Volume Pumps are portable and versatile, they are able to handle large volumes of clean water, making it ideal for irrigation, drainage, general purpose cleaning and many other applications. We have 4 Volume Pump sizes available depending on your level of needs.


Professionals rely on Honda Engines to deliver reliable, easy starting, fuel efficient performance, day in and day out. Choose from a range of engine models, suitable for a number of uses from commercial lawn & gardening to industrial equipment.

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